NUAJ ECLAT DE GRÂCE, Day cream 50ml




Éclat de Grâce is born of the union of powerful active ingredients. Its formulation has been designed to reactivate the youthful mechanisms of your skin while activating the anti-pollution protective veil.
Produced from cell culture technology, rare macro algae give your face a defense system against external aggressions. The skin barrier regains its balance; the epidermis is visibly purer and healthier. Beautified, your skin regains its natural radiance.
The fusion of the well-being molecule and brown algae extracts is at the center of the key aging markers’ control. The wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the skin gains firmness, the areas of shadows fade, and the skin regains a radiant and rejuvenated complexion.
Its velvet formula instantly melts under your fingers for immediate penetration. With the cream gel Éclat de Grâce, natural beauty is within reach.

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