Pollution not only has a harmful effect on our lungs and our cardiovascular system, it is also the cause of many  damages to the skin: premature aging, skin dysfunction, dehydration , dull skin, excess sebum and appareance of acne.

The real wrongdoers are the polluting agents, each one of them is the origin of an attack on the skin. Ozone will weaken the skin barrier, increasing the oxidation of lipids; carbon monoxide will slow down the metabolism, thus depriving the skin of oxygen. Therefore we notice a dull complexion, premature skin aging and dry skin. The hydrolipidic film of the skin will be touched by sulfur dioxide and allergies caused by the particles.

The vicious circle begins, antioxidant deficiencies are experienced, collagen is degrades, wrinkles appear and existing ones deepen, pores expand, sebum excretion increases, pimples and blackheeads appear. The skin barrier is altered, the skin is shiny on the surface but  in depth it lack moisture.

Aware of the impact of pollution on the skin, NUAJ wants to offer women an anti-pollution shield care in its day cream gel “Eclat de Grâce”.

Hydratation à la base de la gamme

The skin  is made up mostly of water, 70%  precisely and that is why the hydration corresponds to the natural presence of water in the skin. It consists of three layers: the epidermis (the superficial layer), the dermis (the intermediate layer) where most of the water is found, an the hypodermis (the deep layer)

In the surface layer, the hydration takes place through: 1) the hydrolipidic barrier which is the film covering the ski that acts as an external protective barrier against aggressions. 2) NMF compounds (natural moisturizing factor) present inside the corneocytes and which will capture water.

The dermis is essentially composed of water, mineral salts, and glycosaminoglycans, so-called complex polysaccharides or sugars. They are the reservoir of water and able to retain a large amount. As for the vascular network, it will allow the circulation of the blood which brings the nutrients, the oxygen and the water.

Every day the skin is exposed to external aggressions: pollution, temperature changes, air conditioning, sun exposure, stress, limestone causing dehydration of the skin which means a loss of water level of the corneal layer (stratum corneum). Dry, dull and rough, the skin tightens and loses its brightness and elasticity and becomes more prone to premature aging. This phenomenon will at the same time aggravate the process of desquamation, meaning the loss of the superficial layers of the epidermis.

The objective of hydration will be to restructure the skin barrier allowing deep rehydration of the epidermis. The active ingredient NUAJ will boost all the actors of hydration (lipids, proteins, polysaccarides, NMF) and allow the improvement of skin microrelief, desquamation and cutaneous barrier effect. The skin is restructured and smoother, it regains softness, flexibility, elasticity and radiance.

A glowing and radiant skin is above all a nourished skin that benefits from a flawless hydration and that’s is why  NUAJ has ensured that all formulations of the Algae Benefit range initially value the hydration of the skin before offering it brightness, youthfulness and protection.